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Storm8 iMobsters Codes
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Is your Storm8 iMobsters mob a little weak? Are you being picked on endlessly? Do other imobsters use you as their own personal ATM to withdraw money whenever they wish?

Then it’s time you grew the size of your iMobsters mob. The adage there is safety in numbers is true in iMobsters as it is in life. A larger family allows you to carry more weapons into battle. The larger you grow your mob the less others are going pick on you, it’s that simple.

Storm8 iMobsters allows you to take 5 mob members into battle with you for each level of the game that you reach. Each mobsters can possess 1 item from each of the 3 equipment categories, so if you are a level 50 mobster you should have 250 fully outfitted iMobsters ready to do battle.

Now by fully outfitted I don’t mean having the most expensive weapons or vehicles – having a large family allows you to carry less expensive hardware. You have the numbers on your side so why pay the upkeep for expensive weapons you don’t really need!

Most iMobster players out there aren’t going to go up against another family of equal number of members it’s just human nature to take the path of least resistance. So if you max out your family with the proper amount of members, weapons, security and vehicles you should be left alone most of the time. This will allow you to accumulate the money you need to afford the more expensive weapons when the time comes to take on the mob.

There are many ways to add iMobsters mob members as you have probably already realized. You can leave your iMobsters mob code individually in comments to other imobsters asking them to add you, they may add you but they could just as well prey on you, if they were so inclined. Also they may only invite you at a later date when they want to add more mobsters to their mob.

You could ask others to BC your code to their mob members as a favor and this works pretty well. You will probably have to BC their codes to your mob as well in exchange.

We think the best way by far is to drop by and add your iMobster code into our database and let others invite you to their mob when they stop by. You can then just sit back and accept the invites from iMobsters mobbies as they come flowing in.

Make sure to add your Storm8 iMobster mob codes to our database by following the link provided.
Link –> Add Storm8 iMobsters Codes!

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